Contact Buddy


a real ice breaker during events

What's Contact Buddy?

The contactbuddy is a real help to get in contact with the right people at business networking events, conferences or congresses.

The contact buddy makes matches and helps people make the first contact.


How it works

Before an event, visitors sign in for the event and answer a couple of questions about their interests. Those interests are programmed into the Contactbuddy.

The Contactbuddy will be ready for them when they arrive at the event. 

Once someone with the same interests approaches, the Contactbuddy will flash.


  • (Business) networking becomes more efficient and more fun
  • To visit an event becomes more interesting and will lead to more visitors. That's interesting for event organisers.
  • More dynamic environment
  • The Contactbuddy is a real ice breaker. To get in contact with people you don't know, becomes easier. 
  • Really fun and original gadget to use at an event


  • (Business) networking events
  • Congresses
  • Trade shows
  • Dating
  • Fairs
  • Festivals & event


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